Hope Mountain Centre believes in getting children outside. Direct experience in nature gives kids a stronger connection to the outdoors, improving their physical and emotional health and guiding them toward better stewardship of the ecosystems where they live. Our curriculum is locally-developed, reflecting the unique ecology and human history of our region. Each program addresses specific learning objectives for each grade level, as defined by the provincial curriculum guide. Outdoor programs emphasize place-based, experiential learning, encouraging students to engage with their senses and learn with fun, hands-on activities.

Our dynamic programs depend on effective community partnerships. BlueTriton Brands (formerly Nestle Waters Canada) has provided vital multi-year funding since 2009 and now funds our Grade 4 and 5 programs. The Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission provides funding for the Grade 6 Skagit Valley Camp. Local School District 78 Fraser-Cascade shares our commitment to outdoor education and currently funds Strong Start, Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2 and 3 programs, and contributes in-kind resources such as teachers and parent chaperones. Land agencies such as Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) and BC Parks provide access to diverse landscapes needed for fieldtrip activities. Lastly, community volunteers provide crucial support, helping to teach students and keep them safe in the outdoors.

The banks of the Fraser River provide an outdoor classroom for this exploration of how water moves through our watershed.

Students learn how watersheds capture, store, and release water through the seasons, and how humans and wildlife benefit from these natural forces. A hands-on stream table demonstrates the power of rivers in moving vast amounts of sediment, creating deltas, gravel bars, and salmon habitat.

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Location: Watersheds of the Fraser and Skagit Rivers.

Grade: 5

Curriculum Overview: Watersheds Program: learning outcomes, pre-trip, field trip, post-trip.

Curriculum Overview
Young Stewards of our Watersheds - Hope Mountain CentreYoung Stewards of our Watersheds - Hope Mountain CentreYoung Stewards of our Watersheds - Hope Mountain CentreYoung Stewards of our Watersheds - Hope Mountain CentreYoung Stewards of our Watersheds - Hope Mountain CentreYoung Stewards of our Watersheds - Hope Mountain Centre

Teacher Feedback:

“Again the watershed project was very well organized. Always tricky working around dates but your group was very flexible . . . I think it meets the needs of all learners. I had a difficult class but they seemed to be engaged and on task for the most part. There was a lot of visual stuff and hands on stuff which was terrific.”

“It was very well organized and the kids responded very well!”

“The props that you use are fantastic. They really motivate the students.”

“The Nestle water plant was a great tour. Students were able to see how the resource of water can be developed and shipped abroad.  It also shows jobs available to them which ties into career education.”

“Lessons were well designed. Different types of learning were involved (auditory, reading, interactive) which I thought was terrific. ”

“The (Nestle Waters plant) tour is quite fascinating. One of the kids mentioned it was like the tv show “How do they do that?” but only there were there to see it. The tour takes them from the pond station where they see the water flow rate to the whole process of what is involved. Kids are fascinated that a small test tube like device can transform into a flexible water bottle.  My class this year said they really enjoyed the tour.”

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