Hope Mountain Centre believes in getting children outside. Direct experience in nature gives kids a stronger connection to the outdoors, improving their physical and emotional health and guiding them toward better stewardship of the ecosystems where they live. Our curriculum is locally developed, reflecting the unique ecology and human history of our region. Each program addresses specific learning objectives for each grade level, as defined by the provincial curriculum guide. Outdoor programs emphasize place-based, experiential learning, encouraging students to engage with their senses and learn with fun, hands-on activities.

Our dynamic programs depend on effective community partnerships. BlueTriton (Formerly Nestle Waters Canada) has provided vital multi-year funding since 2009 and now funds our Grade 4 and 5 programs. The Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission provides funding for the Grade 6 Skagit Valley Camp. Local School District 78 Fraser-Cascade shares our commitment to outdoor education and currently funds Strong Start, Kindergarten, Grade 1, 2 and 3 programs, and contributes in-kind resources such as teachers and parent chaperones. Land agencies such as Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) and BC Parks provide access to diverse landscapes needed for fieldtrip activities. Lastly, community volunteers provide crucial support, helping to teach students and keep them safe in the outdoors.

An introduction to North America’s mightiest rodent, “Beaver Tales” reveals the importance of this freshwater engineer.

Combining classroom activities with field-based exploration, students learn the importance of beavers to First Nation culture and Canadian history.  Beavers have fascinating physical and behavioural traits, making them the perfect creatures to introduce students to the concept of “adaptation”.  School groups can access real beaver habitat in their backyard and learn to recognize evidence of beaver activity, thanks to the healthy beaver populations found in the Eastern Fraser Valley.

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Streams and ponds near Hope and Agassiz-Harrison containing beaver habitat and evidence of recent activity.

Grade: 1

Curriculum Overview:
Learning outcomes, pre-trip, field trip, post-trip.

Curriculum Overview
Beaver TalesBeaver TalesBeaver TalesBeaver TalesBeaver Tales

Teacher Feedback:

“The pre-trip classroom visit was very well done in terms of the information about beavers shared. The visuals were great and the topic was covered in an age-appropriate manner.

“The field trip was wonderful; allowing the children to ‘eat’ sticks and actually touch a beaver dam was something they would never experience without having gone on this trip.”

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