December, 2022
Hope Mountain Centre joins the Safe Space Alliance

By December 10, 2022blog

We are very proud to announce that we have joined the Safe Space Alliance, an LGBTQIA2S+ led non-profit organization which promotes inclusivity worldwide.

A safe space is a location, physical or online, where LGBT+ communities are welcomed and accepted to freely express themselves without fear. It is a space that does not tolerate any form of violence, bullying, or hate speech.

Physical safe spaces include a specific location such as a library or coffee shop, while online platforms provide an accessible safe space through apps, softwares or websites. Online platforms are incredibly essential as they can provide a sense of community, resources and more for LGBT+ communities living in countries where homosexuality is still criminalized- 64 as of today, with 7 where it is punishable by death.

At Hope Mountain Centre we are a blend of both, creating a safe space on the trails and everywhere we go – including our social media pages!

But why are safe spaces important here in Canada? Isn’t Canada one of the friendliest LBGT+ countries?

Safe spaces are extremely important as they foster inclusivity, protect individuals and offer support and backup should it be needed. They are a very public and visible way of showing support and being an ally.
Canada has indeed come a long way and is a country where LGBTQIA2S+ communities now have rights and are protected under the law. Sadly, it wasn’t always the case and even now, it doesn’t necessarily mean global acceptance. It is worth noting for example, that conversion therapy practices were not outlawed until January 17th, 2022.

We are extremely proud of supporting the LGBTQIA2S+ community, of being an ally and continuing to increase accessibility to nature and the outdoors for everyone! 
To celebrate this, we will be hosting our first LGBTQIA2S+ event in January 2023. Allies are welcome, so be sure to come and show your support! More information on our “Programs” page!

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