World Rivers Day 2016

A giant flotilla of canoes, kayaks and powered rafts will travel 18 km from Harrison Lake to Kilby.

In celebration of BC Rivers Day, paddle with us down the Harrison River in the company of professional guides. You’ll be part of a giant flotilla of Voyageurs, canoes and kayaks  that will travel 18 km from Harrison Lake to historic Kilby. Along the way, a Chehalis cultural guide will show us ancient rock paintings and village sites, and share with us some of the stories and traditions that define the cultural wealth of the Harrison.

The Harrison is also wealthy in fish and wildlife values. The river supports all five species of Pacific salmon, and it was declared a “Salmon Stronghold” by river advocate Mark Angelo and the Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Council (PFRCC). The “Stronghold” designation attests to the healthy status of the Harrison and Chehalis Rivers.

We invite you to paddle with us and a team of river scientists who will share their knowledge of the Fraser.  Escort boats will keep everyone safe on the river. Bring your own boat, or hop aboard one of ours. There’s something for all skill levels.

Note: Please bring your bag lunch.

Comments from previous Rivers Day events:

“The resource people were outstanding. Safety concerns were fully addressed. A wonderful, wonderful day on the river.”

“The rivers day was awesome. Really like the presentations. Well organized, great group of people. WELL DONE!!”

“The entire program was excellent, and the weather cooperated!”

“I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the cultural experience.”

“I thought the trip was safely planned and the staff were all very friendly.”

“Thank you! You guys make the world a better place.”



  • Your own canoe or kayak – $75/adult, $40/youth (8-18 yrs)
  • Voyageur canoe – $135/person

See “Skill Levels” below, to find out which travel option is best for you.

Age limit: Youth 8 years old and up are welcome.  Must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

Price includes:

  • Professional river guides
  • Powered safety raft escort
  • Shuttle bus transportation
  • Professional educators to help you understand this part of the river
  • First aid and satellite phone

Note: We are keeping prices as low as possible; please bring your own bag lunch.


Voyageur participants will be expected to paddle, but we will be going down river with the river current so average physical fitness is required.

Canoe/kayak participants should be at least moderately fit. Currents will assist your paddling, so the 18-km trip is moderate in terms of physical demand, however, winds may require paddlers to work harder on some sections of the river.


People bringing their own canoes and kayaks are welcome. Entrants do not require previous river experience, but must be confident on flat water. The Harrison has relatively gentle currents and the presence of a motorized escort ensures that any accidents can be attended to quickly. Currents will assist your paddling, so the 18-km trip is moderate in terms of physical demand, however, winds may require paddlers to work harder on some sections of the river.

If you choose to bring your own watercraft, please note that we will be checking for the following safety requirements: 1) one life jacket or PFD for each person on board, 2) one buoyant heaving line at least 15 metres long (not mandatory), 3) one bailer or manual bilge pump, 4) one sound signaling device, such as pealess whistle, 5) secure buoyancy fore and aft.

Boat Safety Check List; PDF 69 kb

We reserve the right to turn away watercraft if deemed unsafe or the appropriate equipment is absent (participant’s registration fee–less $20 administrative fee per person–will be refunded).

No river experience needed. These large canoes hold 10 to 20 paddlers and offer good stability. Each Voyageur is navigated by an experienced river guide (from the rear). Paddling is easy and no experience is required. You’ll paddle the river as the Stó:lo and early explorers did!


Sunday, September 27th , 2020

8:30 AM – If you are NOT bringing a boat, park your car at Kilby Historic Park (see map) and a shuttle bus will take you to Harrison Lake.

9:00 AM – If you ARE bringing your own boat, drive directly to Harrison Lake and park at the Public Boat Launch (see map). Unload your boat here.

All participants must check in at 9:00 AM at the Public Boat Launch beside Harrison Lake to complete necessary forms and sign legal waivers in front of staff/volunteers as their witness.

10:00 AM – boats are on the water and paddling! River exploration with guided educational stops along the way.

12:00 Noon – lunch beside the Harrison River. More river exploration in the afternoon.

4:00 PM – boats arrive at Kilby. Shuttle bus takes those who brought their own boats back to Harrison to retrieve their cars. People who did not bring their own boats will already be parked at Kilby and can drive home from there.

Map of Harrison and Kilby meeting locations (downloadable PDF).

**Please be aware that our programs run regardless of weather conditions, unless we determine that it will affect the safety of participants and/or equipment.


For those who ARE bringing their own boats, meet at Harrison Lake public boat launch. See map below.

For those who are NOT bringing their own boats, meet at Kilby Historic Park. See map below.

Map of Harrison and Kilby meeting locations (downloadable PDF).


A bus will shuttle people between the start and finish locations, but each participant must arrange their own vehicle to get themselves and their gear to the appropriate meeting place in the morning.


Participants should be prepared for the demands of changing weather and all belongings should be packed in water-tight bags (especially electronics!).

  • We are keeping prices as low as possible; please bring your own bag lunch.
  • Snacks and extra water
  • Hat and sunblock
  • Sun glasses
  • Sturdy footwear — river shoes or sandals are good, and wool socks inside old runners work well too
  • Toque
  • Rain gear
  • Knapsack or carrying bag
  • Polar fleece or acrylic/wool top (warm when wet)
  • Retainer or string for glasses
  • Complete change of clothes
  • Wind breaker
  • Camera
  • Binoculars


Liability Release Form

Everyone age 19 & over must sign a liability waiver form in order to participate in this program. Please take time to read this form because you must understand and agree to it when you sign it. By signing it you are waiving certain rights, including the right to sue. This form will be available to sign when you check in. Please seek legal counsel if you have any questions. Everyone age 18 & under must have an informed consent form signed by their parent or legal guardian in order to participate. Please contact us if you need this form prior to arrival at this program.

Informed Consent Form

Everyone age 18 & under must have an informed consent form signed by their parent or legal guardian in order to participate. Please contact us if you need this form prior to arrival at this program.

Boat Safety Check List

Threats to the Heart of the Fraser River by Mark Angelo and Marvin Rosenau, 2007.


COVID-19 NOTICE: With our public programs scheduled throughout the year and knowing the uncertainty of where this is all going, we may need to postpone or cancel programs at any time. If you want to register for programs going into the summer and fall, we have temporarily updated our cancellation policy to allow for full refunds in case of personal illness of any kind or simply cancelling due to a concern over the situation at time of the event. As always, a full refund is provided if Hope Mountain Centre decides to cancel a program. We will continue to monitor the situation as it evolves, follow guidelines set by provincial and federal agencies, and keep you informed should conditions change. 

Our outdoor programs

Hope Mountain Centre maintains an excellent safety record. Due to the nature of outdoor programs, these events do involve some personal risk. Hope Mountain Centre assumes no responsibility for personal injury or damage to personal property. We will require each participant to sign a liability release and assumption of risk form before participating in this program. Please be aware that activities typical of this program involve many risks, dangers and hazards including, but not limited to: accidents which occur during transportation or travel to and from events; slips and falls; loss of balance; impact, cold water immersion; repetitive strain injuries; dislocated shoulders; hypothermia, frostbite, sunburn; changing and inclement weather conditions including storms, blizzards, whiteouts and high wind; steepness of terrain, tree wells, crevasses; avalanches, cornices, landslides and falling ice, snow and objects; encounters with domestic or wild animals; negligence on the part of releasees and other participants.

While we love animals of all kinds, we ask that you please leave your pet at home.


Please register for this program online. For more information, call 604-869-1274 or email us at