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This program is designed for beginner and intermediate backpackers. You’ll receive instruction in the overall basics of backpacking such as food, cooking, clothing, backpack essentials, overnight gear choices, safety considerations and “Leave No Trace” principles. All this in a friendly, low-stress outdoor setting.

This should not be your first hike this year!  You will need to be able to carry a backpack containing gear described in the trip checklist for up to 5.5 km on the first and last day of the 3-day trip.  The middle day will involve a moderate day hike.  Pack weight should ideally not exceed ~14 kg (30 lbs) including food and water.

The class will include a half-day to get together for gear check, meal planning and a hike before the backpacking weekend.

In addition to enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery and friendly company, you’ll experience the adventure of walking in the footsteps of history. You’ll be hiking and camping on the 157-year-old Dewdney Trail, located in Manning Provincial Park. The Dewdney was British Columbia’s first successful gold rush trail and played a key role in the province’s early development. You’ll also enjoy a day hike along the 1846 Whatcom Trail, the first recorded route from the Coast to the Interior discovered by fur traders who were led by First Nations guides. Punchbowl Lake will be the destination on Day 2 and it is surrounded by wildflowers. Historian Kelley Cook will share her knowledge of the people and events that reveal the vibrant life of these historic routes.


  • Overnight in subalpine meadows at Tulameen Camp in Paradise Valley.
  • See wildflower meadows in peak summer bloom.
  • Enjoy beautiful views of Snass Peak and neighbouring mountains.
  • Hike sections of the historic Dewdney and Whatcom trails to Punchbowl Lake, a beautiful alpine lake which is the source of the Tulameen River.

Comments from previous Women’s Backpack programs:

“Amazing, knowledgeable, patient, inclusive… Leaders and volunteers. Beautiful people. Love their programs.”

“Thanks so much for all your encouragement & inspiration! You have many wonderful gifts. Thanks for sharing yourself & accepting each of us.”

“At first it feels like you’re the only one who’s ever gone through something painful. Then you discover you’re not alone. Each of us has a story. We just have to step out, grab onto a friend’s hand & jump! I have an army of friends, so proud of me for doing this trip. Expect a few more nurses signing up next year!”

“Amazing people! You will love the programs offered by these passionate leaders.”


$320 per adult
$250 per youth, aged 10 to 18, accompanied by a parent or guardian

Price includes:

  • Trail guide and historian
  • Plant and animal biologist
  • First aid backup and satellite phone
  • Training regarding gear and backcountry camping techniques


All participants must be in good health and have average physical fitness. Daily distances and elevation gain will be moderate, enabling beginners to enjoy their first backpacking experience.  See ITINERARY for a summary of distance and elevation gain/loss required each day.

This should not be your first hike this year!  You will need to be able to carry a backpack containing gear described in the trip checklist for up to 5.5 km on the first and last day of the 3-day trip.  The middle day will involve a moderate day hike.  Pack weight should ideally not exceed ~14 kg (30 lbs) including food and water.


Pre-Trip Meeting:
A pre-trip meeting and day hike is required, so we can go over gear and enjoy a hike together before the overnight trip. The pre-trip meeting hike will take place in Hope on Sunday, July 22nd — please mark it on your calendar. Start time: 10am, meeting place: Hope Recreation Centre. Finished by 3pm.

Friday, July 27
9:00 AM – Meet at Hope Recreation Centre, organize into carpools. Participants may leave personal vehicles parked at Hope Recreation Centre. Vehicles drive 100 km to Jacobsen Lake via Highway-5 and Tulameen Forest Service Road. Lunch at Jacobsen Lake. Continue driving to km 59 of Tulameen Forest Service Road.

1:00 PM – Park vehicles near the northern border of Manning Park and begin hiking south on the Dewdney Trail toward Tulameen Camp.
Hiking distance: 5.5 km
Elevation gain: 100m
Camp overnight at Tulameen Camp, Paradise Meadows

Saturday, July 28
After a leisurely breakfast, we’ll put on light day packs and hike sections of the Dewdney and Whatcom trails.
Hiking distance (1-way): 6 km
Elevation gain: 500m

Returning for dinner, we’ll spend a second night at Paradise Meadows.

Sunday, July 29
After breakfast, we can explore a bit more around camp, then begin packing up for the hike back to our vehicles.
Hiking distance: 5.5 km
Elevation loss: 100 m

3:30 PM – Return to vehicles and drive back to Hope.




Meet at Hope Recreation Centre
(1005 – 6th Avenue in Hope)



Participants will need their own vehicles to get to Hope and some will need to drive the 100 km to Jacobsen Lake via Highway-5 and Tulameen Forest Service Road. After lunch at Jacobsen Lake, continue driving to km 59 of Tulameen Forest Service Road. The last 59 km are graded gravel road, accessible with any 2-wheel-drive vehicle. Trucks or SUVs are recommended, as potholes, washboard, and road dust can be expected. Participants are encouraged to carpool and share fuel costs. This will be discussed and organized on the pre-trip hike.


Participants will need the following items. Gear is available for rent at Mt. Waddington’s Outdoors in Chilliwack (604-846-1984) and Valhalla Pure in Abbotsford (604-850-5523).

* Sturdy hiking boots.  Should provide ankle support and be sealed against moisture.  Must also be broken in so they don’t blister you.
* Socks — A thin synthetic (not cotton) inner sock and a thick outer sock (preferably wool). Bring 1 extra pair of back-up socks
* Long pants and shorts or zip-off pants (no jeans)
* Nylon rain pants
* 2 undershirts (cotton or polypropyl)
* 1 sweater
* Rain-proof jacket
* 1 pair gloves
* 1 toque

* Sleeping bag — rated to -10 celsius
* Foamy — Thermarest or any closed-cell foamy
* 3-season tent or bivvy sac
* Stove, fuel, pots (if you don’t have access to one please contact Kelley – kacook@xplornet.ca)
* Cup, plate, cutlery
* Sun glasses
* Camera
* Chapstick
* Toilet paper and hand sanitizer
* Head lamp
* Utility knife
* Basic first aid and moleskin for blisters
* Matches/lighter
* 10 ft. of light cord or rope
* Hiking poles (highly recommended)
* Day pack for light hiking
* Bug repellent/head net

* 2 litres of water
* Hi-energy snack food (gorp or Power Bars)
* 3 lunches on the trail
* 2 dinners in camp
* 2 breakfasts in camp

Be sure to keep your Friday lunch separate as we will be eating at Jacobson Lake and don’t want to have to dig into our big packs.


Liability Waiver Form

Everyone age 19 & over must sign a liability waiver form in order to participate in this program. Please take the time to read this form because you must understand and agree to it when you sign it. By signing it you are waiving certain rights, including the right to sue. These forms will be available to sign when you check in. Please seek legal counsel if you have any questions.

Informed Consent Form

Everyone age 18 & under must have an informed consent form signed by their parent or legal guardian in order to participate. Please contact us if you need this form prior to arrival at this program.


If a registration is cancelled 14 days or more before a program starts, HMCOL will refund the program fee and equipment rental fees (as applicable) minus an administrative cost of $20 per person. Program and equipment rental fees will not be refunded if a cancellation is received less than 14 days before the start of a program. A program may be cancelled at the discretion of HMCOL. If a program is cancelled, participants will receive a full refund of program and equipment fees.

Please be aware that our programs run regardless of weather conditions, unless we determine that it will affect the safety of participants and/or equipment.


Hope Mountain Centre carries liability insurance and maintains excellent safety records. Due to the nature of outdoor programs, these trips do involve some personal risk. Hope Mountain Centre assumes no responsibility for personal injury or damage to personal property and we will require each participant to sign a liability release and assumption of risk form before participating in this program.

Please be aware that activities typical of this program involve many risks, dangers and hazards including, but not limited to: accidents which occur during transportation or travel to and from events; slips and falls; loss of balance; impact, cold water immersion; repetitive strain injuries; dislocated shoulders; hypothermia, frostbite, sunburn; changing and inclement weather conditions including storms, blizzards, whiteouts and high wind; steepness of terrain, tree wells, crevasses; avalanches, cornices, landslides and falling ice, snow and objects; encounters with domestic or wild animals; negligence on the part of releasees and other participants.

While we love animals of all kinds, we ask that you please leave pets at home.


Register now online or reserve your spot by calling 604-869-1274, or by email at lklassen@hopemountain.org for more information.