LNT Trainers Course, Skagit Valley - Hope Mountain CentreLNT Trainers Course, Skagit Valley - Hope Mountain CentreLeave No TraceLNT Trainers Course, Skagit Valley - Hope Mountain CentreLeave No TraceLeave No Trace

Leave No Trace training courses are intended for outdoor recreational users who wish to teach others how to minimize their impact on the natural environment whether they are hiking, canoeing, kayaking, climbing, etc.

This course is ideal for guides, youth group leaders, teachers, camp counsellors, or anyone involved in environmental education.

A required introduction to the course will be held prior to the weekend class. Teaching assignments will be given at that time. This introduction is a key part and included in the 16 hours of instruction. Follow up instruction experience and completion of teaching assignments will occur during the backpack weekend, which includes 1 night of camping in the backcountry after an easy hike to the campsite.

Those completing the course are able to:

  • Understand, demonstrate and teach minimum impact techniques to groups involved in outdoor recreation
  • Describe and explain the seven principles of Leave No Trace
  • Help others explore their personal outdoor ethics
  • Explain the use of Leave No Trace in any setting, not just the backcountry
  • Describe the purpose and mission of Leave No Trace Canada

In order to receive a trainer certificate participants must:

  • Participate in the pre-meeting
  • Complete 16 hours of instruction
  • Complete teaching assignment

Comments from previous Leave No Trace Trainer programs:

“(The instructor) did a fabulous job conveying her knowledge to the group. I believe we all gathered all the info and actually absorbed it!”

“I got to teach, observe other teaching styles. Good depth of of learning, feedback and camaraderie. Exceeded my expectations.”

“Doing the course on a backpacking trip was the only way to go! The class was excellent. I am having a hard time thinking of ways to improve.”

“I feel confident that I can teach the 7 principles of Leave No Trace. The pre-hike time was well spent and prepared us adequately for the field trip.”

“Really enjoyed the outdoor classroom format. Teaching demonstrations were very effective. Learned a lot from all the members… did a fabulous job—taught wonderfully.”

“… well presented, thoughtfully planned and put together.”


$250 per person

Fee includes:

  • 2+ days instruction from experienced backcountry trainer
  • Educator kit, trainer pin, certificate
  • Certification by Leave No Trace Canada
  • Leave No Trace Canada membership (1 year)
  • First aid backup and satellite phone


The field session involves an easy overnight backpack on a trail near Hope, BC. You will need to carry your own tent, sleeping bag, food, water and supplies for the one-nighter. See supply list in “What to Bring.”


PRE-MEETING (Date to be announced)
6:00 PM – Participate in pre-meeting for Leave No Trace background, class assignments and administrative requirements.
8:30 PM – Conclude course introduction.

Saturday, June 29th
9:00 AM – Meet at Hope Recreation Centre, check-in and organize into carpools. Participants may leave personal vehicles parked at the recreation centre.
9:30 AM – Depart for trailhead at Manning Provincial Park
11:00 AM – Start hiking to our camp at Strike Lake, Manning Provincial Park.

Sunday, June 30th
Morning – After breakfast, students demonstrate more assignments and participate in Leave No Trace principles discussion.
3:00 PM – Break camp and return to Hope.
4:00 PM – Arrive at Hope, BC.


Hope Recreation Centre
1005 – 6th Ave., Hope, BC

Map to meeting place


Participants must arrange for their own transportation to Hope and travel to the trail head location with their own vehicle (car pooling is encouraged). Trail head will be accessible by paved and gravel road.


Trip Checklist

Also, bring teaching materials for the assignment chosen at the pre-meeting.


Link to Hope Mountain Centre’s Leave No Trace Page

Liability Waiver Form

Everyone age 19 & over must sign a liability waiver form in order to participate in this program. Please take the time to read this form because you must understand and agree to it when you sign it. By signing it you are waiving certain rights, including the right to sue. These forms will be available to sign when you check in. Please seek legal counsel if you have any questions.

Informed Consent Form

Everyone age 18 & under must have an informed consent form signed by their parent or legal guardian in order to participate. Please contact us if you need this form prior to arrival at this program.


If a registration is cancelled 7 days or more before a program starts, HMCOL will refund the program fee and equipment rental fees (as applicable) minus an administrative cost of $20 per person. Program and equipment rental fees will not be refunded if a cancellation is received less than 7 days before the start of a program. A program may be cancelled at the discretion of HMCOL. If a program is cancelled, participants will receive a full refund of program and equipment fees.

Our outdoor programs

Hope Mountain Centre maintains an excellent safety record. Due to the nature of outdoor programs, these events do involve some personal risk. Hope Mountain Centre assumes no responsibility for personal injury or damage to personal property. We will require each participant to sign a liability release and assumption of risk form before participating in this program. Please be aware that activities typical of this program involve many risks, dangers and hazards including, but not limited to: accidents which occur during transportation or travel to and from events; slips and falls; loss of balance; impact, cold water immersion; repetitive strain injuries; dislocated shoulders; hypothermia, frostbite, sunburn; changing and inclement weather conditions including storms, blizzards, whiteouts and high wind; steepness of terrain, tree wells, crevasses; avalanches, cornices, landslides and falling ice, snow and objects; encounters with domestic or wild animals; negligence on the part of releasees and other participants.

While we love animals of all kinds, we ask that you please leave your pet at home.


Register now online or reserve your spot by calling 604-869-1274, or by email at atyler@hopemountain.org for more information.