HBC Grand OpeningHBC Heritage Trail

Help us celebrate the re-opening of this historic fur brigade trail spanning 74 kilometres from Hope to Tulameen.

On Saturday, May 21st, we’ll kick things off at the eastern end near Tulameen. On Sunday, May 22nd, we’ll gather at Peers Creek, the HBC Trail’s western trailhead.  Both events are free and open to all ages, with vehicle access to both sites.  You’ll hear from historians, see historic re-enactors in costume and on horseback. You will be able to pick up the latest information on the trail, which will open for hiking and horseback riding in the summer of 2016. The trail features 10 overnight campsites along the route.  Plan to add the HBC Trail to your “bucket list” of epic backcountry adventures!

For more background on the HBC Trail, visit our TRAILS PAGE.

Photos from the HBC Trail Grand Opening 2016

HBC Trail Grand Opening 2016





Program is FREE and donations will gladly be accepted at the event.


Both locations are vehicle accessible, so physical demand is low. At Peers Creek, you’ll have the option of hiking a portion of the trail if you wish. At the Tulameen end, the river will likely be too high with spring runoff to easily begin hiking. Come back in July, when you can wade across the Tulameen River once water levels go down.


Celebrations will take place at two locations (see “Meeting Place” for maps) and the timing will be the same for both days.

1 PM – Event begins
Opening remarks, guest speakers.

2 PM – Official opening marked with a black powder rifle shot!
Folks can mingle, look at displays, enjoy some bannock, coffee, juice, water.

3 PM – Begin packing up.


Saturday, May 21 – Tulameen River Trailhead

Map of Tulameen Event

Sunday, May 22 – Peers Creek Trailhead

Map of Peers Creek Event


Two-wheel-drive vehicles can access both sites. Participants are responsible for their own transport and carpooling is encouraged.


Dress for changing weather conditions.

If you plan to hike part of the HBC Trail at Peers Creek, bring sturdy hiking boots, water, food, map and compass.

Photography and video recording encouraged!

Come in period costume if you can!


For more background on the HBC Trail, visit our TRAILS PAGE.


Registration not required.

Hope Mountain Centre works in collaboration with government, First Nations, NGO’s, private donors, and a team of passionate volunteers to build and maintain trails.