Hope Mountain Centre Team - Staff & Board Members

Board of Directors


Robyn Barker

Robyn Barker has served on the Hope Mountain Centre board since December 2016 and recently took on the role of co-chair along with Rod Peters. It is an honor to be on the board of this great organization and she looks forward to supporting it in this new role. Robyn grew up in Hope and moved back in 2012, in part because of the great recreational lifestyle that Hope offers. She has ties to Manning Park, and loves to ski, bike and hike in the area. She and her spouse have two young children that they love to explore with in this beautiful town.


Rod Peters

Rod Peters joined the Hope Mountain Centre for Outdoor Learning (HMCOL) as a Director since the Fall of 2018. He was the Education Coordinator for the Seabird Island Band from 1984-1995 (11 years). He pursued the First Nations Support Worker at Agassiz Elementary Secondary School from 1996-2002 (6 years).  He was recommended to the Aboriginal Education Coordinator at School District #78 Fraser Cascade from 2002-2021 (21 years). In July of 2021 he retired with a total of 37 years in the Education Field. Rod earned the Aboriginal Leadership Certificate from the Justice Institute of B. C. in New Westminster during January 2013. At the Seabird Island Band, he was elected on Council for (3) terms = 7 years in total. He is also a Director on the Hope Business Development Society towards Economic Development and Tourism for Hope and surrounding Communities since 2018. In relation to the Outdoors experience and living, the Peters’ Family own a Fish Camp at Sawmill Creek just North of Yale in the Canyon. “We set up to preserve salmon by wind-dry, canned, salted, smoked, and freeze towards the food-social-ceremonial use for our Family and Community. This tradition has been taught and handed down by our Grand-parents, Parents and extended Family Members.”

Past Chair

Michele Drummond

Michele has been a part of HMC since the beginning of a conversation in 2003. She became a Director on the Board when it became a Society in 2005 and then served as Board Chair from 2008 through 2021. Michele recently “retired” from Board Chair position but remains a Director on the Board serving as Past Chair.
“Hope is my home. I moved here in 1980 to take on a teaching position at Hope Secondary School, then retired in 2008. I like living in a small town that is surrounded by the natural world where I can take part in the many outdoor activities I enjoy right outside my door. It has been very exciting to be part of HMC for all these years. The spirit and growth of the Society, the support of the community and like-minded organizations and having the most dedicated Staff and Board members have brought HMC to where it is today. It has been a joy to be part of it.”

Vice Chair

Glen Keil

Glen Keil moved to Hope from Vancouver in 1984 to manage, and soon after, purchased, the Hope Pharmasave store. From his early days he enjoyed nature at his doorstep, and took advantage of the hiking trails, ski trails and magnificent vistas in the area. Owning the Pharmasave store for 25 years, he enjoyed his pharmacy career, connecting with so many locals, and enjoying the great outdoors. It was an easy decision to retire in the community he loves.
Since 2011 Glen has been a member of the board of Hope Mountain Centre. He enjoys the positive energy and collaboration of the board members, and he appreciates the opportunities to participate in its diverse offerings. Glen likes to encourage people to get outdoors and experience connecting with nature with respect and without fear.
He remains passionate about the outdoors, especially trail building and hiking. He has volunteered for work on the HBC, Tikwalus and Dragon’s Back Trails. In 2015 Glen realized a dream by hiking the entire length of the HBC Trail. His other interests include, golf, Nordic and downhill skiing, biking and cooking.


Mike Millar

Mike has been a resident of Hope for 40 plus years. He loves the small-town life – the slower pace, the connection with a wide variety of people, the ease by which you can access nature, and the single traffic signal.  He worked as a schoolteacher, first at C. E. Barry school, teaching math, science, and PE to grade 6 and 7 students and then at the high school where he taught math, computer science, and some general science.

His great joy and comfort are his family, his wife, two daughters and their partners, and his granddaughter. Being a grandpa is the BEST but also enjoys hiking, kayaking, trail work, skiing, reading, riding bike and woodworking.
Mike joined HMC in 2007 and volunteered to be the treasurer, a position he still holds. He says “It has been very fulfilling for me to be able to support our mission and give back to my community. I have had the opportunity to work with some dedicated people and help to bring the natural world to life for people of all ages.”


Lydia Koot

Lydia was born in Switzerland where she graduated as a registered nurse. Moved to the Netherlands where she got married and had her two girls. She immigrated to Canada, Lillooet BC and settled down in Hope when her girls got older. Ever since arriving in Canada she has been volunteering at the kids’ schools, the community youth centre and lots of other events. She did child minding all the years while her kids were at school, retired when she moved to Hope.

Lydia started the Hope Mountain Black Bear Committee in 2011 when a bear was shot close to her home for no reason. She felt like she had to change people’s understanding about coexisting with bears. Since she expanded HMBBC with giving educational presentations to all ages from pre-school to adults, Friends of the Skagit program, fruit gleaning and even orphaned bear cub rescue.


Matt Turner

Matt Turner joined the Hope Mountain Centre’s board of directors in 2017. A professional writer and editor in the health, education, and environmental sectors, Matt joined the board to advance environmental stewardship, outdoor education, and overall health and wellness in Hope and the surrounding area. With a background in education, Matt has also participated in delivering many of our youth education programs and is passionate about creating opportunities for all people to participate in, learn about, and protect the great natural spaces that offer so much to all of us in B.C. Matt holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Ottawa, and a diploma in Journalism from Langara College.


Jo Hughes

Jo has a passion for all things interpretation. Often found wearing a costume she could be dancing on the amphitheatre stage at Manning Park where she runs the interpretation program or prancing around her classroom teaching grade 4/5 at Silver Creek Elementary. When not working you’ll find her scooping pond critters, chasing butterflies with her camera or kayaking and cross-country skiing (sometimes even on the same day!) Trying to fit everything in means she doesn’t have much brain space left for counting, but Jo thinks she’s been on the board since 2018.


Nat Baker

Nat Baker moved to Hope in 2009 from Nova Scotia and has owned Baker’s Books since 2012. He has been active with Hope Mountain Centre by helping with building local trails, volunteering for the Skagit Bird Blitz, and assisting at various events. He fell in love with the local mountains and has been hiking, bird watching, swimming, exploring and living in them ever since. He believes that introducing folks to the outdoors brings a sense of appreciation and wonder at the natural order and will make us better stewards of the world that surrounds us. A love of local history and tying the stories to their natural settings has been feeding his curiosity since living here. While he spends most of his time at his bookstore his other activities include adventuring with his family, playing disc golf at the local course, listening to some vinyl, or getting lost in a stack of books. Nat looks forward to working with the Hope Mountain Centre to help establish a connection of the wilds of Hope and the people that live within them.


Executive Director

Kristine Pérez de León

Kristine’s number one passion in life is mountain adventure, especially hiking. She would spend every waking moment outdoors if she could. Hiking, backpacking, trail running, mountaineering, rock climbing, paddleboarding, backcountry skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking – if it’s an outdoor mountain sport, you can bet she’s done it and loves it. In the past few years, Kristine completed a 55km ultra trail marathon up and over more than 3,000 metres through the Whistler mountains in 10 hours, an 9-day backpacking thru-hike along the 180km Sunshine Coast Trail gaining over 8,000 metres elevation, summited hundreds of BC’s most magnificent peaks, completing many of these adventures solo. Kristine has previously worked as a snowboard instructor in Whistler, as a primate and forest conservation manager in Nigeria, a PNW wildlife education director and hiking community platform founder in Vancouver. Kristine joined Hope Mountain Centre in January 2022 as Executive Director.

Trails Director

Kelly Pearce

Kelly has served Hope Mountain Centre in various capacities since the society was formed in 2005. Most notably, he served as Program Director from 2009 to 2021, establishing many successful programs and projects that contributed to the rapid growth of the organization. In 2022, Kelly took on the new role of “Trails Director” responsible for maintaining local trails and building new trails in partnership with First Nations and government agencies. Kelly studied resource management at BCIT and SFU and has 30 years’ experience in outdoor education.

Natalie Worrall


Natalie Worrall

Natalie joined Hope Mountain Centre in 2016 as our Outdoor Educator delivering school programs throughout SD78. She quickly grew herself into all the kids’ heart with her energy, passion for teaching and love of everything nature. Natalie led most of our Marketed Programs taking people on hikes, snowshoe trips, leading backpacking trips and lots more. She recently transitioned out of her Outdoor Educator/Program Director role to focus on conservation such as water quality testing.

She is fascinated by nature and have spent her life trying to protect and enhance aquatic habitats. Her favorite animals are fish and horses, she thinks they are both so beautiful and strong! She has two children that love exploring the outdoors and she adores witnessing their passion as they learn about the intricate relationships between plants and animals.

Administrative Director

Tunde Murphy

Tunde joined Hope Mountain Centre as Office Manager in March 2020, just a week before the pandemic lockdown. Good thing she is good at adapting to different situations and was able to creatively work from her home office. In 2022 Tunde transitioned into the role of Administrative Director, taking on more diverse responsibilities. She has a young family with 2 young kids and loves exploring the outdoors with them. She loves growing her knowledge in different directions and in her free time, she enjoys taking pictures of nature and tiny creatures the most.

Program Director

Moon Pruvost

Moon has spent the better part of the last 10 years traveling the world, working in Nepal and New Zealand but it is Canada she now calls home. Her background is in Early Childhood Education, though she has nurtured her passion for nature and wildlife throughout her life. Moon joined Hope Mountain Centre in September 2022 as Program Director. She has experience as a backcountry mountain guide and studied Wildlife and Forestry Conservation. Her special interest is for wildlife, especially grizzly bears. She spends a lot of her free time out in nature, on foot or horseback.

Outdoor Educator

Grace Fast

While Grace has worked and lived in a variety of places, the one thing that has stayed the same is her passion for the outdoors and helping others. She has finally settled down in a self-built tiny house in Agassiz, BC and is looking forward to putting down roots within the local communities. No matter how many trails she’s been on or how many wildflowers she has seen, her enthusiasm for nature’s beauty never falls short. Grace joined HMCOL as the Program Assistant in 2022. After six months, she transitioned into the role of Outdoor Educator, delivering school programs to classes throughout SD78, and working closely with the Program Director in the delivery of all other HMCOL programming.